Thursday, June 5, 2014

And so it is...

i got myself a new gadget.. Hehee.. And it has made my life more JOYFUL.. yea... I love gadgets.. And new clothes and all new things... 👅 😝😜😉 its the sony experia z ultra with its 6.4 inch screen.. Others has made fun of me for having a tab sized phone.. But it all doesnt matter.. For this gives me JOY.. Lols.. I am happy 😊 😊 😊 blissful JOY...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Never thought i would actually join the Borneo International Marathon.. haha.. when my sister suggested it two years ago, i was like.. woahoow... slow down sista.. LOLssss.. now that i have done it.. i actually think its fun. just for the record. it was the 10km women's open. 

you can check out the track at

it was more of a nature/city walk.. compare to the walk i had in Hong Kong last september (company trip, different story for another time) which was a city walk.. that was fun, this was fun.. i would most probably join again next year. but depends...(depends on what, i have no idea yet, hehe).

However, i finished at no. 1688.. haha.. just 134 others after me... maybe i can imagine to do better next. very sure by that time my legs would not hurt anymore.. haha. no training at all.. just the cycling done last march. the very little cycling i got to do with my dear sista.. yup... the one who wanted to go BIM 2012.. lols. when i tell others i joined #BIM2014, they go WOW, really? how did u do? hahhaaa... that part is fun as well.. when they can believe that i got to do it within the qualifying time of 2 hours.. my Chip Time was 1:54:47.80, Gun Time 1:56:52.52. dont ask la half way time.. it was more than 1 hour.. hahahahahaha..

So i guess my adventure in my own hometown, where i usually go around in a vehicle, i got to walk around, is a JOY to me.. ;) 

Monday, April 28, 2014

One Whole Year of Silence.. shhhh.. wait.. its Two Years..

Did not realize it has been almost two years since my last BLOG.. WOW.. how time flies. my baby girl is in primary two now.. and she is such a smart-alec. i dont mind. i am glad she knows how to say her mind. but sometimes its annoying.. hahaha. like having yourself telling you off.. lols...

So 2 years (almost) have gone by.. what can i say. i have been busy. and on non busy days, i have been busy as well, be it work or home. busy busy busy. lots of happenings.. and i fail to record them. gadarnit.. abuden... hehehe... i like that... abuden... no matter how much ups and downs there have been, i am happy. what can i say.. some people are so annoying, but there are others who makes you smile just by being around (^_^) ....

I have been online gaming on GUILDWARS 2. its fun, but, wait... i just realized. i have not put up her my new found JOY which was like since 2 years ago.. lols.. ALIENWARE.. hehehehe.. my latest toy (though its about 1 year plus now)

hehehe... my precious... (^o^) ....

So thats one of my JOY.. and it still is..and since i have this, i got to know STEAM.. the game center.. yes..haha.. and i am addicted. i now play DIABLO 3 as well.... so i have my GUILDWARS, DIABLO 3 and my STEAM acc.. hahaha... gaming craze.. but i love my lappy.. loveeeee its soooo muccchhhyyyy.... lols..

just as recap since my last blog. well.. travelled to philippines, thailand and hong kong.. wow.. since last i blogged.. i travelled to these 3 places.. will blog about it when i got more time.. work beckons.. cheerss now.. may JOY be with you.. GOD bless.. 

and so this is a life of JOY..